The BeadTrail® – informing / guiding the way forward.

Over the years working with individuals and groups I have noticed that people can get stuck using verbal language as a way to communicate. Talking is not always the best way to come up with ideas and solve problems.  So, I started using objects to help people express their thoughts and had some surprising results. I work with beads, buttons and stones for intuitive problem solving and have developed the BeadTrail.  I do workshops and use them one to one with people. I also work in organisations with teams using the BeadTrail.

The BeadTrail® website 

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 I loved working with the beads because it is a very creative process, I genuinely didn’t realise until I saw them"

what was happening.  I love the fact that it helps you discover everything for yourself. It offers such flexibility to shape the situation you would like to invite into your life, so simple, playful and powerful. I loved how Penny helped me to find my way though it with gentleness and power

Muriel Pritchard, Customer Services