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Journey into an Icy Wilderness

She is poised like a bird watching its prey. No movement, focused on one very small detail that I can’t even make out. I watch with interest but soon other bigger images and moving objects grasp my attention. We are in another world.

We are in the stark cold interior of Iceland. A white out. It is silent clean and perfect. We are high up a volcano having passed a sign that clearly states we take our life into our own hands beyond this point. Up Up we climbed further and further into the chilly skies until there is nowhere else to go. Then we sit down and observe the white world around us. We might as well be on another planet.

My daughter is a photographer and it is her I am now watching once again poised for another shot. All is still.

Two things strike me most in this vast space of seemingly nothing but snow and ice. The expansiveness of earth and sky and the captivating focus of my daughter Cat as she surveys the scene around her.

When you climb to the top of a volcano you leave the rest of the world behind. It is just you and nature. The vastness of the wide-open space makes you feel equally small and expansive at the same time. It is cold but I don’t notice the temperature just the beating of my heart. It puts life into perspective.

My daughter is picking an angle for her next shot. I know her well, I have seen this before, time stands still, the rest of life is of little consequence, she is totally present. To have that amount of focus is such an extraordinary thing. What an amazing space to hold. To be able to create out of that moment of nothing is very special. I envy her a little.

But my world is full of appreciation for this precious moment on top of a volcano in Iceland.