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Different types of meditation

Meditation is a mental discipline that involves focussing on a single point of reference to bring oneself into a state of relaxation and awareness. There are many different types of mediation practices. It is used by people to achieve a higher state of consciousness, to increase focus, for self awareness or simply to become more relaxed and peaceful.

Coming into the present

This meditation is very useful to increase awareness of the here and now. It can be also used as a stand alone meditation or as part of a deeper practice. Take time each day to press the ‘pause button’. Whilst sitting or standing take a deep breath and as you breathe out relax your body. Then say to yourself ‘I see’, look at something in your field of vision, really taking time to look at it. Perhaps you notice the colour or shade, the shape or a movement. Watch and focus on seeing it for just a few seconds. Then say to yourself ‘I hear’, listen to the sounds in the room or outside perhaps a busy street, perhaps the hum of the computer just listen and do nothing else for a few seconds. Finally say to yourself ‘I feel’ and feel your body not your emotions or thoughts just your body, perhaps the clothes against your skin or your toes in your shoes.

Breathing meditation

There are many breathing meditations. A lot of them are linked to Buddhism.

Sit somewhere comfortable with your back straight and your feet on the floor. Close your eyes and focus your awareness on your breathe. Take a breathe in and out. Keep doing this. Allow yourself to relax deeper and deeper as you focus just on your breathing. If thoughts come into your mind notice them and let them pass likes clouds in the sky and go back being aware of breathing. Notice how you breath in cold air, breath out warmer air. Notice how it feels to breath and how each breathe is unique. Stay with the breathing for a few minutes.

Breathe in, breath out and pause. Extend the breath to what ever is comfortable for you.

Visualisation Meditation

Take several slow, deep breaths, breathing into your abdomen. With each inhalation imagine that you are taking in energy from the universe. As you exhale imagine your whole body is becoming more and more relaxed. Then imagine a thin aura of light surrounding your body. It can be any colour you wish. With each exhalation of breath imagine this aura becomes brighter and brighter. If you wish it could become a bubble of light that protects you and keeps you safe. Imagine the aura filling the space around you and extending out as far as you wish. You are now full of energy. When you are ready open your eyes and after a couple of minutes go out in the world renewed and strong!