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Hints and tips to reduce stress

We often find that life just takes over, time passes by, and we drift from one day to another living in a kind of ‘crowded space’ in our heads.

We wonder if there is more to life or even if we are missing the point.It is important to give ourselves time to take stock and reflect and ask ourselves what could be different.

Often all it takes is a small step in the right direction. The following are some suggestions of how to take some steps forward:

Press the pause button

Take time each day to press the ‘pause button’. Whilst sitting or standing take a deep breath and as you breathe out relax your body. Then say to yourself ‘I see’, look at something in your field of vision, really looking at it. Perhaps you notice the colour or shade, the shape or a movement. Watch and focus on seeing it for just a few seconds. Then say to yourself ‘I hear’, listen to the sounds in the room or outside perhaps a busy street, perhaps the hum of the computer just listen and do nothing else for a few seconds. Finally say to yourself ‘I feel’ and feel your body not your emotions or thoughts just your body, perhaps the clothes against your skin or your toes as you wiggle them.


Do something that makes you laugh on a regular basis. Take time to watch your favourite comedy programme. Play with a child or a dog, have a laugh with friends. Whatever makes you laugh do this as much as possible.

Take a moment in time

Each day take a moment to smell a flower, stroke the cat, watch a child play; breathe in the air, run in the rain or something similar. And when you are doing one of these things just concentrate on that one thing that you are doing nothing else.

Something good

Do something that you have been wanting to do for ages but keep putting off because other things get in the way.

Stop for a coffee!

In between meetings or whilst out shopping rather than rush home or back to the office take a coffee break and taste the coffee (or tea!).

Ask yourself

Ask yourself what really matters right now. If there is one thing you could do differently today what would it be?Working to your bestWhatever you are doing whether it is typing a letter, taking a conference call, or washing the dishes, do it to your best ability do it from the heart.