Glimmers of Light Dancing. A fable for our times by Penny Gundry

Idan crosses an ocean full of storms, vast plains that reveal our true nature, a snowy wilderness, the Great White Mountain of truth and life beyond. It is a colourful world filling the senses, capturing the imagination and telling us secrets of a journey well-travelled. The tale in itself is a story of hope and success in the face of self-doubt, fear and adversity. The purpose behind it is to tell a narrative that captures the essence of who we truly are and give the reader pointers for their own self-discovery. It is a powerful master class in personal development showing us how to listen to our inner voice and find ways to reach our full potential. The intention is to strike a chord with the reader. It is for anyone who seeks the answer to the question who am I?  And what is my purpose in life?

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"Readers must step into another dimension entirely in order to appreciate and receive the wisdom in Penny Gundry’s Glimmers of Light Dancing, for it reads as though it is a long, highly developed guided imagery session. Take a few slow, deep breaths, relax and only then embark upon this voyage to the true, authentic self.


Readers accustomed to fully fleshed-out characters with their baggage all too apparent may, at first, become restless and search for something solid to take hold of in Gundry’s amorphous tale. Such an approach would be unfortunate, because the author presents opportunities to enter an altered state of mind that offers multifaceted glimpses into the deeper reality hiding beneath the surface of things. 


Gundry describes that reality well in this passage: And now I know life goes beyond my wildest dreams. I find myself tuning into a sound, a vibration, I do not recognise. There are two vibrations, one familiar from my world and a new one. The two come together for a split second, and I feel transported to another place. And then I am back gazing once more at the unimaginable.


Gundry’s book offers the opportunity to slip into that alternate reality and be transformed." ForeWord Reviews