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Fun Activities for Yourself or a Group, Guided Meditation Practice, Relaxation and Reducing Stress

Bag of Beads for a workshop

A beautiful bag with around 20 colourful handpicked beads made of glass/wood/metal. This can be purchased as a stand alone item or if you are taking a workshop or masterclass. 

The Creative Problem Solving Kit

Fun and easy to use problem solving tool that comes with BeadTrail® user notes for guidance on the best way to use the beads and stones to attain the most positive outcome. This is a more comprehensive tool for self coaching and problem solving.

Meditation Beads

A beautiful bag containing a handmade string of beads and 1, 2 and 3 minute meditation cards to help reduce stress levels and encourage mindfulness. Each bead string is made giving thought and careful consideration to the look, feel and diversity of each collection.