I am Penny Gundry. I work with people to step into a place of stillness

Penny Gundry Facilitator and Coach

When I was in my 20s I lived for a year in Venezuela. It was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down despite suffering from serious anxiety and often struggling to cope with life. Whilst there I had a number of quite dramatic experiences that started me on a process of getting rid of the anxiety that plagued me. I now act as a lifeline for others to find that moment of quiet and stillness that makes all the difference to our lives.


One of the experiences that made me stop and think was when I was out walking in an isolated area of the Llanos or plains on my own (not very wise!). Suddenly without a sound or warning a viper snake reared up and stared me in the eyes. He was a few inches away and was ready to pounce. We stared at each other, a moment of silence that seemed to last for an eternity. As I looked into his eyes I became mesmerised just like Mowgli in the jungle book. After a while this very poisonous snake dropped and slithered away. A moment of stillness saved my life.  If I had moved I could have died. But instead I was left with a lasting impression of something unusual and a will to live. 

I have been fortunate enough to work in many industries, businesses and countries including Africa, Ireland and the UK as a coach, facilitator and trainer. I lived in Dublin for many years where I was Principal of the College of Progressive Education with over 3000 students nationwide in Ireland. I also worked in senior management in two organisations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and was involved in a number of conflict resolution programmes in the 1990s before the Good Friday Agreement was signed. 


I believe taking that moment of stillness can define who we are and allow us to gain clarity, healing, renewal and vision. I don’t think there is a one size fits all so I work with people to find their very own still space that resonates for them and that they can use to grow and develop.

Stillness saved my life 


  • Certificate and Diploma in Coaching: Coaching Development UK

  • Certificate in Teaching Stress Reduction: Stress Management Institute of Ireland

  • Certificate in Family Therapy Clanwillian Institute Ireland

  • MBS Masters in Business Studies in Management and Organisation Studies Smurfit Graduate Business School Ireland


I am a member of the International Coach Federation:  PCC

I have also written a book - Glimmers of Light Dancing

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